PNSC & Sainsburys Sport Relief a BIG Thank You

A massive thank you to everyone who helped and took the time to be with us at Sainsbury’s on Saturday, I really hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as Intan and I did.


The day was a joint effort by PNSC and Sainsbury, who also provided us with balloons and stickers for us to give away, the children were quite persuasive in getting a donation in exchange for a sticker helping to raise in excess of £600 with PNSC receiving over £400 the difference being a PNSC contribution towards Sainsbury’s Sport Relief fund. We also took the opportunity in promoting the club by giving out “Learn to Swim“ brochures which hopefully will attract some new members.


Fund raising aside, it was a great plus for the club seeing the children from across the squads having fun and all working together, in some cases this was the first time they had even met or had a chance to spend time with their friends outside of the pool; we had to keep reminding them to let the public have a go! Even some of the dads had a go on the Wii (see photo) so kids you know who is playing with your Wii when you not around, a bonus for some of the children was to meet with X- Factor local celebrity Sarah Smith from “Same Difference” and have their photo taken with her.


Finally, I have had some very complimentary feedback from Sainsbury’s with regards to how the event was received by the public, the fun atmosphere that was generated in the store and how well behaved everyone was and that they are a credit to the club and because of this we have also now been invited back again later this year.


Thank You Again


Darren Lee


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