Helpers List for the Sprint Meet 18th June 2011

Meet Manager: Eilean King / Edith Casey (session 1) Edith Casey / Sarah St John-Mosse (session 2)

Computer: Chris Walker / Chris Anderson (session 1) Chris Walker / Mike SJM / Mike Burnell (session 2)

Heat Marshalls: Mr Sherwin / Sally Goddwin (session 1) Jo or Scot ward / Simon or Emma Johnson (session 2)

Photocopier: Jo Lloyd (session 1) Sandrine Choi (session 2)

Coach Pass Checker: Mel Cornell (session 1) Richard Gunn (session 2)

Drinks: Lesley jervis (session 1) Jim Corrigan (session 2)

Medals: Louise McGinley (session 1) Pam Corrigan (session 2)

Door: Tanya Blagg / Rachel Christie (session 1) Vincent Small / Maxine Bailey (session 2)

Information Desk: Sue Rose (session 1) Caroline Keeler (session 2)

Raffle: Kim Ralphs (session 1) Donna Hind (session 2)

Anouncer: Gary Newton (session 1 & 2)

Timing office training: Vicky Pointon

If anyone is interested in shadowing a job for this event please let us know, so we can have more helpers at our next event. Many Thanks for all your support, we couldn’t run these meets without you.

Meet Management.

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