PNSC Family Day Trip!

On Wednesday 27th October we are having two trips one for Squads 1,2,3, Academies and Club which is to Chessington World Adventure and the second is for Squads Gold, Silver and Bronze which is to Thorpe Park. The trips are for all the swimmers and their families.

The cost of the day will be:

Child (under 12years): £25 per child
Adult: £30 per adult

Thorpe Park:
Child (under 12years): £28 per child
Adult:  £31 per adult

All prices include entry ticket into the park and travel.

We hope you are able to come, if you are would like to attend please fill in the slips which are being given out this week at training or you can collect one from the office. Then return to the PN office by Friday 24th September.

Spaces are limited therefore are based on a first come first serve basis.


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