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May 27, 2010

For all squads there will be normal training up until Saturday 31st July, then the Club will go into a complete break from Sunday 1st until Sunday 15th August for those not competing at the Youth and Age- Group Nationals and the Welsh Nationals.

After this there will be skeleton training available from Monday 16th August until Thursday 2nd September for all squads as detailed:

Eastney and Mountbatten Academy: On Wednesday’s at 16.00-16.45pm

Squad 1: On Tuesday and Thursday’s 07.00-07.30 Landwork then 07.30-08.15 Swim

Squad 2 and 3 and CLUB Squad: On Tuesday and Thursday’s 06.00-07.30 Swim then 07.30- 08.15 Landwork

Junior National and National Squad: On Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s 05.30-07.30 Swim then 07.30-08.30 Landwork

Masters: On Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s 05.30- 07.00 Swim

Back to Normal Training on Friday 3rd September.

Enjoy your holidays and Good Luck to those competing.