Dear Parents

It has been brought to my attention that a number of parents are unhappy about the number of Portsmouth Northsea swimmers who are going to be rejected from the above competition.

I can thoroughly understand your frustrations so I would like to take this opportunity to explain the situation and in doing so make you aware that this situation is, although unfortunate, cannot really be helped.

For several years the Easter Meet has been heavily undersubscribed and the club’s first meet in the Mountbatten Centre (Distance & Blue Ribbon) was also not very well attended.

When I came into post I looked at the Easter Meet to see if there was any particular reason why the meet was not as popular as it had been, and so decided to revamp the whole program where it meant that only certain age groups came for certain sessions i.e. morning or afternoon and so people did not have to be at the pool for the full day.

This, together with the wonderful new facility of a 50m pool has meant that we have had a tremendous amount of entries from 49 clubs.

To hold a meet we are governed by the national governing body, the ASA, to adhere to guidelines which are very strict in the length of time of each session. If these rules are ignored the club would run the risk of having their application for another licence to run a meet again rejected.

Because of this we have had no other option but to reject a great number of entries from ALL clubs. This has been done on the simple basis of entry time for each age group. We are not allowed to simply put in every PNSC swimmer & then reject swimmers from other clubs. Again we would run the risk of having our licence rejected.

I can only apologise on behalf of the Meet Management if this situation has upset anyone but as I have said it can’t really be helped.

Please keep reading the website / notice boards for details of the monthly time trials which will commence in May. The time trials will ensure that we have up to date times for the swimmers & this together with the restructure in April will hopefully ensure that squads will be able to enter competitions more relevant to their current state of development & so lessen the chances of the above situation.

Paul Hogg
Head Beacon Coach

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