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Warm Up & Stretching Exercises

March 24, 2010

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Time Trials to be Held Every Month

March 22, 2010

Time Trials (TT)

What is the purpose of TT?

*      To assess and monitor how each swimmer is developing.

*      To evaluate swimmers’ strengths and weaknesses, such as stroke, pace, endurance, speed, starts and turns.

*      To simulate a race situation by providing a quality. swim in a local environment.

*      To gain experience of competing in galas.

*      A chance to meet other swimmers from different squads.

TT results are used for?

*      To assist team selections for relays and League.Teams

*      Promotion between squads.

*      Entry times for competitions.

When & Where?

Mountbatten Centre Saturday (dates listed at the end of this notice)

The warm up is at 4pm and the swim will last from 4.15pm until 6pm (approx).

How many swims and how to enter?

Swimmers may enter a max of 2 events at any one time trial.  Your coach will advise which events you should enter.

Entry sheet must be completed with name, date of birth, squad details at the club desk on the Friday evening a week before the following Saturday Time Trial, event type and previous best time.

What to bring?

Swimwear, swimming hat, goggles (and a spare set) tracksuit, T-shirt, pool shoes, towel, drinks (water or juice) and snack. Mums and Dads can take part too!  They can help by taking times, marshalling (sorting swimmers into their respective events), helping record times or selling raffle tickets.


Time Trials Programme

Jan   /   May   /   Oct

Event 1a 25 Freestyle

Event 1 50 Freestyle

Event 2 100 Backstroke

Event 3a 25 Butterfly

Event 3a 50 Butterfly

Event 4 100 Breaststroke

Event 5 100 Freestyle

Event 6 400 Freestyle

Feb   /   Jun   /   Nov

Event 1a 25 Backstroke

Event 1 50 Backstroke

Event 2 100 Freestyle

Event 3a 25 Breaststroke

Event 3a 50 Breaststroke

Event 4 200 Butterfly

Event 5 100 Individual Medley

Event 6 200 Individual Medley

Mar   /   Jul   /   Dec

Event 1a 25 Freestyle

Event 1 50 Freestyle

Event 2 100 Butterfly

Event 3a 25 Butterfly

Event 3a 50 Butterfly

Event 4 200 Breaststroke

Event 5 200 Freestyle

Event 6 100 Backstroke

Apr   /   Sep   

Event 1a 25 Backstroke

Event 1 50 Backstroke

Event 2 200 Backstroke

Event 3a 25 Breaststroke

Event 3a 50 Breaststroke

Event 4 100 Individual Medley

Event 5 100 Freestyle

Event 6 400 Individual Medley












March 16, 2010

Dear Parents

It has been brought to my attention that a number of parents are unhappy about the number of Portsmouth Northsea swimmers who are going to be rejected from the above competition.

I can thoroughly understand your frustrations so I would like to take this opportunity to explain the situation and in doing so make you aware that this situation is, although unfortunate, cannot really be helped.

For several years the Easter Meet has been heavily undersubscribed and the club’s first meet in the Mountbatten Centre (Distance & Blue Ribbon) was also not very well attended.

When I came into post I looked at the Easter Meet to see if there was any particular reason why the meet was not as popular as it had been, and so decided to revamp the whole program where it meant that only certain age groups came for certain sessions i.e. morning or afternoon and so people did not have to be at the pool for the full day.

This, together with the wonderful new facility of a 50m pool has meant that we have had a tremendous amount of entries from 49 clubs.

To hold a meet we are governed by the national governing body, the ASA, to adhere to guidelines which are very strict in the length of time of each session. If these rules are ignored the club would run the risk of having their application for another licence to run a meet again rejected.

Because of this we have had no other option but to reject a great number of entries from ALL clubs. This has been done on the simple basis of entry time for each age group. We are not allowed to simply put in every PNSC swimmer & then reject swimmers from other clubs. Again we would run the risk of having our licence rejected.

I can only apologise on behalf of the Meet Management if this situation has upset anyone but as I have said it can’t really be helped.

Please keep reading the website / notice boards for details of the monthly time trials which will commence in May. The time trials will ensure that we have up to date times for the swimmers & this together with the restructure in April will hopefully ensure that squads will be able to enter competitions more relevant to their current state of development & so lessen the chances of the above situation.

Paul Hogg
Head Beacon Coach

206 Medals!

March 15, 2010

Portsmouth Northsea Swimming Club dominated the whole of the County Championships when they came top of the medal table with an incredible haul of 206 medals (84 Gold’s, 66 Silver’s and 56 Bronze’s) with the City of Southampton team a distant 2nd with 145 medals. This was the first Championships under the new leadership of the new Head Beacon Coach Paul Hogg, who was anxious to see if the changes he has implemented since his arrival on 1st December 2010 were going to affect the Northsea swimmers performances. He need not have worried after Championship best times after another, fell to the Portsmouth Northsea swimmers.

The new Championship success and records started with a personal best time for Lloyd Young taking the open and 17/18 age group 100 Freestyle in a very fast 51.91.Lloyd also won the 50m & added the Silver in the 200 for a excellent weekends performance.

After a tremendous tussle on Saturday when the City of Southampton girls just touched out the Northsea girls in the Junior 4×50 Medley relay, the Portsmouth Northsea girls roared back with a vengeance on the Sunday when their superior relay takeovers overhauled the City of Southampton girls with Mollie Vincent putting in a blistering last leg of 27.5 last leg to secure the Gold for her team mates of Georgia Tosen, Jennifer Hussey and Steph Winser.

This wasn’t the only time that Mollie was on the victors podium victory over the weekend as she smashed her personal best time’s winning the  200 Butterfly in 2.18.98 and claiming five Championship Records that include 100 Breastroke in 1.14.36 the 50 Butterfly in 29.46 also the 100 Butterfly in 1.04.13 , the 100 IM (1.07.71) and finally the 400 Individual Medley in 4.51.89. Mollies teammates also decided to join her on the medal and personal best time bandwagon over the weekend. Jennifer Hussey improved her times in all events, with a vast improvement in her 400IM (5.09.11) and claiming two national qualifying times for 100 Butterfly (1.06.69) for Bronze and 200 Butterfly (2.22.09) for Silver.

Eliza Bailey (15) showed a return to form when she came from last place at the halfway mark to storm to a Bronze medal in the 200IM in a best time of 2.27.85. Eliza then got her teeth into the 200 Breaststroke final, claiming the Junior Silver in 2.49.07.

The conveyor belt of backstroke talent coming out of Portsmouth Northsea in the wake of World Champions Katy Sexton and Gemma Spofforth continues as a new star has emerged in the form of Sophie Teasdale who set Championship best times in the 100 Backstroke winning in 63.14. Sophie also added the 200 Backstroke Championship title in 2.18.49 as well as the 100 Freestyle in 59.17 to round off her superb weekend. The former World Champion, Katy Sexton helped Portsmouth Northsea to win in the 4×100 Freestyle relay with a strong 57.44 last leg which had followed victory in the 50 Backstroke, unfortunately she had to retire after this success due to swollen glands.

Georgia Tosen (15) returning after illness has disrupted the first half of the season had her first races of the season and came away with a Bronze medal in the Junior 50m Backstroke in 32.52 and the same place in the 200 with 2.26.21.

Steph Winser (15) had a very strong weekend winning Bronze in the 400IM with a 5 second improvement in 5.05.29 & she was joined by Megan Cumming (16) who won Bronze in the 100m Breast (1.17.64) and Silver in the 200 (2.42.83) with teammate Natasha Mullendar winning Bronze in the same event in 2.46.34.

Finally for the girls Alice Stanley did her fastest time for 2 years when she came 2nd in the 17/18 age group for the 100 Back.

Not letting the girls have all the success the boys also showed tremendous form as Neil Redman claiming a Championship Record for his 200 Breaststroke in 2.24.91.  A close call between, John Molyneaux and Simon Pragnell in the 50 Backstroke as John won by the touch of 27.50 and Simon just behind in second place of 27.53. this came after Simon had demolished the rest of the field in the 100m being the only swimmer to break the 1 minute barrier in 58.44. A tough fight for the junior boys in the 4×50 Medley relay of Alexander Cameron-Calvo, Ryan Young, Neil Redman and Bradley Chapman, who came second to a very strong, Beau Sejour relay team.

In what is known as the toughest event on the race program, the 400IM, Northsea’s boys cleaned up all the medals with Josh Fowler Gold in a seasons best 4.35.60 followed by Elliot Bilsland 4.49.49 & Neil Redmond 4.49.88 who also collected the Junior Gold.

Elliot followed up this medal with another Silver in the 200 Butterfly (2.10.06), Bronze in the 100 (1.0010) another Silver in the 200 Back (2.11.45) & finally Bronze 200Im (2.14.50).

In the Junior section Neil Redmond added the Gold from the 400IM with further Gold’s in the 50, 100 & 200 (Championship Best) Breast as well as the 200IM & was joined by Alex Cameron – Calvo Silver 200 Butterfly, Bronze 50m Butterfly .

This outstanding success followed on from the superb age group squad lead by Head age group coach Richard Pointon who came away with two Scottish national records for Oliver Kincart in 400 Individual Medley in 5.27.70 and 200 Backstroke in 2.30.54 and Kelly Small getting three National times 1500Freestyle in 19.51.94, 200 Backstroke in 2.35.97 and the 400 Individual Medley in 5.47.94. The club now look forward to their Easter Meet and British championships at the start of April.

Paul Hogg
Head Beacon Coach

Hampshire County Championships Medal Table

March 15, 2010

Medal Table After the Final Weekend Competition

2 SOUTHAMPTON 50 48 47 145
3 RUSHMORE ROYALS 28 26 21 75
4 GUERNSEY 27 15 4 46
5 BEAU SEJOUR 24 18 21 63
6 BASINGSTOKE 18 24 22 64
7 LOCKSHEATH 10 10 9 29
8 HAMBLE 10 3 3 16
9 TIGERS OF JERSEY 8 21 18 47
10 HAVENT & WATER’VILL 7 3 2 12
11 WINCHESTER 3 10 8 21
12 WEST WIGHT 2 3 2 7
13 HART 1 4 16 21
14 FAREHAM NOMADS 1 2 9 12
15 ISLE OF WIGHT 1 1 1 3
16 ALTON 0 3 4 7
18 ROMSEY 0 1 1 2
19 EASTLEIGH 0 0 3 3
20 ANDOVER 0 0 1 1

Well done to everyone who competed for the club. Outstanding effort by the team.

Paul Hogg
Head Coach  

Eastney Academy & Club Squad Times Amended

March 13, 2010

Due to a double booking the Eastney Academy & Club Squad have had their times slightly altered.  Visit the club squad page by clicking here to view details.

In The News

March 13, 2010

PNSC have enjoyed great media coverage in The News – click here to visit the website

Easter Swimming Festival Entries – Urgent Message

March 9, 2010

We have had a large entry to our Easter Swimming Festival which will unfortunately result in some rejections. We hope to be able to confirm all accepted entries & rejections early next week.

PNSC Meet Management

Hampshire County Championships Medal Table

March 8, 2010


2 SOUTHAMPTON 39 35 31 105
3 RUSHMORE ROYALS 22 23 15 60
4 GUERNSEY 22 3 0 25
5 BASINGSTOKE 15 18 14 47
6 BEAU SEJOUR 14 9 11 34
7 LOCKSHEATH 10 10 9 29
8 HAMBLE 10 3 3 16
9 TIGERS OF JERSEY 6 15 16 37
10 HAVENT & WATER’VILL 6 3 0 9
11 WINCHESTER 2 9 4 15
12 FAREHAM NOMADS 1 2 9 12
13 ISLE OF WIGHT 1 1 1 3
14 HART 0 4 14 18
15 ALTON 0 2 1 3
17 WEST WIGHT 0 1 2 3
18 ROMSEY 0 1 1 2
19 EASTLEIGH 0 0 3 3

Well done to everyone who competed for the club. Great effort by the team & good luck to everyone for this weekends competition at Southampton.

Paul Hogg
Head Coach  

Sports Nutrition Presentation Now Online

March 8, 2010

Introduction to Performance Nutrition in Swimming by Alex Popple is now online and is available to download as a PDF from our Useful Documents section.